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IT (Information Technology) is a crucial part of any business and can require technical expertise beyond the competence of your current workforce.
Microsmiths have highly trained and experienced Support staff that are dedicated to keeping your business running as smoothly as possible.
Our Support packages are designed to unload the responsibility of IT from your staff - keeping them focused on core business activities.
Leave your IT to the Professionals!

IT Support Packages

Professional, Proactive and Cost-effective.

Proactive Support

Our proactive system monitoring software acts as our crystal ball - taking the guess work out of IT Support. Our software monitors your devices 24/7 and provides realtime device statistics such as CPU usage and memory - allowing us to address any potential issues.


With built in Remote software, we can quickly and easily access your machines and provide the support you need.

Benefits of outsourcing your IT

Outsourcing your IT department is almost essential for SME's. The cost of hiring a technically sound IT professional is far too expensive, especially when you consider the alternative of outsourcing your IT.


For just a fraction of the cost, Microsmiths provide all the benefits of employing your very own IT professional, without the hassle and expense of doing so.


Pay less, for more! 

Free IT Health Check

It is quite common that businesses are not running their IT as effeciently and cost effectively as they could be - that's where we step in.


We will assess the current state of your existing IT infrastructure and systems, identifying any immediate issues that may require attention, as well as advising you how well your systems currently suit your business requirements.


We will not charge you a penny to carry out an IT Health Check, our goal is to help improve your IT systems and of course save you money. If you agree with the recommendations we make, and are keen to improve your business' IT, then we can advise further on how we can implement these changes.


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